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41 Service Battalion is a Combat Service Support unit that trains to provide transportation, supply, and maintenance to field units under combat conditions. With elements in both Calgary (14 Forward Support Group) and Edmonton (15 Forward Support Group), 41 Service Battalion offers critically important logistics support to all Alberta Army Reserve units on both domestic operations and major training events. It has had members serve in both World Wars, Korea, and Afghanistan. The Battalion has also provided a large number of soldiers as augmentees to the Regular Force for operations in Germany, Cyprus, Egypt, Cambodia, Bosnia, Croatia, Haiti and Somalia.

The battalion traces its origins to the formation of No. 14 Company, Canadian Army Service Corps (CASC) in Calgary on 01 April 1910. 14 Company provided transport, food services, maintenance and some supply functions until February 1922. The unit received different designations through the years including the following: 13th Divisional Train, CASC; 2nd (Reserve) Corps Troops Column Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (RCASC); 4 (Reserve) Armoured Divisional Column, RCASC; 7 Column RCASC; Calgary Service Battalion; and 14 (Calgary) Service Battalion.

The battalion history in Edmonton goes back to immediately after the Second World War. Five independent service support units were brought together under a trial to form one unit called the Experimental Brigade Service Battalion: 154 Transport Company RCASC; 23 Medical Company Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (RCAMC); 7 Ordnance Company Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps (RCOC); 38 Technical Squadron Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers (RCEME); and 15 Provost Platoon Canadian Provost Corps (C Pro C). The unit received different designations through the years including Edmonton Service Battalion and 15 (Edmonton) Service Battalion.

The unit is currently commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Boyle and resides in the General Sir Arthur Currie building in Calgary and the Lieutenant-Colonel Philip Debney Armoury in Edmonton.