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Want to apply? Please read the following important information to guide you through the process!

We are a part-time component of the Canadian Army which is trained to augment the Regular Army (full-time) and aid civilian authorities during crisis or emergency situations (floods, ice storms, forest fires, etc.). Even though we are part-time, we have many full-time employment opportunities available, especially during the summer.

If you are definitely interested, the first step toward being contacted by the Recruiter, is to complete the on-line application.  All applications must be submitted online.

The Application Procedure page provides detailed information about all the steps that every successful applicant to the Canadian Armed Forces completes. There are also some use screenshots below to help you navigate the online application.

By completing the application, it does not commit you to anything but simply begins the screening process. If you have any problems, please contact us as follows:

In Edmonton: contact Sergeant Daniel Pagnutti at 780-973-4011 ext 2839 or e-mail at

In Calgary: contact Sergeant Aaron Walsh at 403-310-ARMY or e-mail at

41 Service Battalion is actively recruiting the following Trades (in order of availability as of April 2018):

Most number of Positions available:

- Mobile Support Equipment Operators (Drivers/Equipment Operators)

Some Positions available:

- Supply Technician (Warehouse Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management)

Vehicle Technician (Automotive Mechanics)

Limited Positions available:

- Logistics Officers (Logistics Managers/Planners)

- Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Officers

Cook (Food Services)

No Positions available:

Financial Services Administrator

- Human Resources Administrator 

- Weapons Technician (Land) (Firearms Mechanics)

Select Screenshots of the Process to Begin the Online Application

Go to and select your language:

Click on "Apply Now":

Review requirements required to apply:

Select "Application Process":

Select "What happens after you submit your application":

Review the steps of the application process:

Once the steps have been reviewed, select "Aptitude Test" and then select "online application":

Select "Login":

Select "Continue to GCKey":

"Sign in" with GC Key or "Sign Up" if you don't have one:

Once you have completed these steps you will be able to begin the online application process.

Specific Steps to Apply to 41 Service Battalion

At the page shown below, be sure to:

1.    Select "Reserve Force" when prompted for your Component of Interest 
2.    Select "Primary Reserve" when prompted for a sub-component
3.    Select "41 Service Battalion" from the drop down list of Reserve Units

At the page shown below, be sure to:

1.    Select "Canadian Army" when prompted for your Occupational Environment of Interest

At the page shown below, be sure to:

1.    Select "Non-Commissioned Member" if you would like to apply for our most available positions.  Please contact us if you would like more information about the availability of Officer positions.
2.    Select "Unskilled" from the drop down list of Entry Plans.  Please contact us if you would like more information about the other Entry Plan options. 
3.    Select three Military Occupations in order of your preference.  Remember we have many occupations to choose from as listed above.  You should select all three choices to increase the chances that a position in 41 Service Battalion will be available and we strongly advise selecting Mobile Support Equipment Operator as one of the choices because as of March 2017 it is the one with the greatest number of vacancies.

Important points about the final screen depicted below:

1.    Make sure you have resolved any validation errors that were detected.  The page should report "no errors were found" as indicated in the red balloon above.

2.    If you are finished and you want to apply click the "I Agree" button.

3.    If you want to save your application so that you can resume later click the "Save and Logout" button.  Saved applications can be accessed later but these will be deleted if there is no activity for 90 days.

4.    If you click "Cancel", close your browser, or leave the application inactive for 20 minutes the online application session will terminate and unsaved data will be lost.

5.    Remember, unless you click the "I Agree" button to submit your application you have not applied and nobody will contact you to follow up.

6.    If you have applied to 41 Service Battalion and you have not received an email from a recruiter within two weeks asking you to gather your documents for verification then please contact us.