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Want to apply? Please read the following important information to guide you through the process!

We are a part-time component of the Canadian Army which is trained to augment the Regular Army (full-time) and aid civilian authorities during crisis or emergency situations (floods, ice storms, forest fires, etc.). 

If you are definitely interested, the first step toward being contacted by the Recruiter, is to complete the on-line application. The website provides all the necessary information regarding the Regular and Reserve Army, Navy and Air Force.

The How to Apply page provides detailed information about all the steps that every successful applicant to the Canadian Armed Forces completes.

To get you started, go to, choose English or French.  On the left it shows an "Apply Now" link, the new page opens and to the right of "Step 7" is another "Apply Now" link. Press "Log in and start application". Step 2 is Log in. From there you have a few options. It may sound lengthier than it really is. 

By completing the application, it does not commit you to anything but simply begins the screening process for you and the Forces. Please try using Internet Explorer as the browser. If you have any problems, please contact us as follows:

In Edmonton: contact Sergeant Daniel Pagnutti at 780-973-4011 ext 2839 or e-mail at

In Calgary: contact Master Corporal Aaron Walsh at 403-410-2320 ext 3579 or email at

We are the Primary Reserves and the Trades that are being recruiting for are:

Non-Commissioned members;

- Mobile Support Equipment Operators (MSE Op) (Drivers/Equipment Operators)

- Vehicle Technicians (Veh Tech) (Mechanics)

- Weapons Technicians (Wpns Tech) (Firearm Mechanics)

- Supply Technicians (Warehouse Inventory Management)

- Food Services (Cooks)

- Resource Management System Clerks (RMS) (Payroll, Administration) 

Commissioned Officers

- Officers (Managers/Planners) (Logistics Officer (Log O) 

- Royal Canadian Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Corps (RCEME O))