Available Positions

Join the Canadian Armed Forces Army Reserves!

We have part-time permanent positions with temporary full-time employment opportunities.  We also provide dental, medical and education benefits, a retirement pension and an incredible experience.  Members of 41 Service Battalion are Combat Service Support experts.  We offer transferable training and experience in the following jobs (scroll down for details about each):

-  Mobile Support Equipment Operators (Drivers/Equipment Operators)
-  Vehicle Technicians (Mechanics)
-  Weapons Technicians (Firearm Mechanics)
-  Supply Technicians (Warehouse Inventory Coordinators)
-  Food Services (Cooks)
-  Financial Services Administrator
-  Human Resources Administrator

There is no career more challenging or rewarding than serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. You will obtain world-class qualifications, develop leadership skills and make great friends along the way. There really is no other career quite like it.

A Career with the Reserve Force

Members of the Reserve Force generally work part-time for a Reserve unit in their community. They are not posted or required to do a military move. However, they can volunteer to move to another base. They may also volunteer for deployment on a military mission within or outside Canada. As a reservist, the choice to go is always voluntary. The main role of the Reserve Force is to support the Regular Force at home and abroad.

Pay and Benefits

Reservists are paid a half day and a full day rate. Rates increase after some summer courses are completed, you are promoted and as you gain experience in each Rank.  During periods of full-time employment, reservist are paid full day rates, seven days a week while earning 2 days paid vacation per month.

All uniforms and military gear is provided at no cost.

Meals and accommodations are provided during weekend field training, summer training, deployment training and deployment.

Extra pay is provided while on field, summer or deployment training, and deployments.

Travel assistance may be available to you depending on how far away from 41 Service Battalion you live.

There are education reimbursements available through the Canadian Armed Forces. The Logistics Branch, Royal Canadian Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Branch and our own Battalion Society have scholarships and bursaries that may be applicable toward your post-secondary education costs.

Dental coverage (for most items) at 90%, Health Care Premiums are reimbursed and you will contribute toward a Pension which provides financial and health benefits when you retire.

Training and Advancement 

Regular training is from September to May on Wednesday evenings, one Saturday a month and one weekend a month.  In addition there are part-time and full-time training and employment opportunities during the summer months and throughout the year.  We are actively seeking candidates for full-time summer employment followed by part-time employment during the school year.


No experience required! No formal training required! 

A successful candidate must:

-  be a Canadian Citizen
-  have completed at least Grade 10 or Secondaire IV (in Quebec)
-  have parental consent if under age 18
-  meet Canadian Armed Forces medical standards
-  successfully complete selection process, interview and examinations
-  pass physical fitness tests

The Canadian military is one of the most highly trained and respected forces in the world. Above all, the Canadian Armed Forces values strength of character and team contributions. This means that regardless of your gender, religion or ethnicity, the Canadian Armed Forces invites you to be a part of its team and to explore the opportunities it has to offer.
The Canadian Armed Forces has also taken great strides in safeguarding the equality of women. By adopting a “no exclusion policy,” it has become one of the only militaries in the world to remove all barriers to full and equal service for all its members. This means that women have the opportunity to work any job in the Canadian Armed Forces.




Cooks prepare nutritious food items and meals for Canadian Forces members and National Defence employees.

Their responsibilities are to:

  • Operate, clean and maintain food services equipment and facilities
  • Manage food safety
  • Assist in the handling and control of food and non-food supplies
  • Practice workplace health and safety procedures
  • Prepare and serve meals that range from cafeteria-style menu items to formal multi-course meals for military and civilian dignitaries


Materials Technician

Materials Technicians maintains and repairs land vehicles and related equipment. Materials Technicians belong to the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Branch of the Canadian Forces.

Their primary responsibilities are:

  • Welding
  • Machining
  • Sheet metal work
  • Painting
  • Work with textiles, fibreglass and composite

At this time we are only accepting applicants for this trade who have previous service in the Canadian Armed Forces as Materials Technicians.

Mobile Support Equipment Operator


Mobile Support Equipment Operators operate military vehicles ranging in size from standard automobiles to snow removal equipment and all-terrain vehicles.

The primary responsibilities of the Mobile Support Equipment Operator are to:

  • Operate buses, automobiles, trucks and tractor-trailers
  • Operate specialized mobile equipment such as fuelling tankers, snowplows, tractors and all-terrain vehicles
  • Receive, load, secure and unload materiel and equipment transported by road
  • Provide transportation support for combat and field operations
  • Maintain equipment in serviceable condition by cleaning, inspecting and correcting minor faults
  • Prepare dispatch schedules and coordinate user requirements for vehicles and equipment
  • Prepare and maintain job-related forms, records and reports


Financial Services / Human Resources Administrator


Finacial Services / Human Resources Administrator provide administrative and financial support to all military activities.

The primary duties of a Financial Services / Human Resources Administrator is to provide:

  • Human resource administration and services
  • Financial management support services
  • Personnel support services
  • Corporate and general purpose administration

Note that 41 Service Battalion does not have any Financial Services / Human Resources Administrator positions available at this time.


Supply Technician

Supply Technicians ensure that all of the supplies and services necessary for Canadian Forces operations are available when and where they are required. They handle a variety of items such as food, fuel, heavy machinery, spare parts, stationery, and clothing.

The primary responsibilities of Supply Technicians are to:

  • Manage the purchasing, warehousing, shipping, receiving, stock control and disposal of obsolete stock and equipment
  • Receive, handle and prepare items for shipment
  • Operate military vehicles weighing up to 10 tonnes and materials-handling equipment such as forklifts
  • Process invoices and prepare shipping documents
  • Order material from internal and external sources and purchase supplies
  • Deliver supplies and provide services to operational units
  • Perform recordkeeping, stocktaking and inventory control
  • Maintain accounting and financial records
  • Process and coordinate repair and disposal functions


Vehicle Technician

Vehicle Technicians maintain, repair, and overhaul land vehicles and related equipment to keep them in top condition. Vehicle Technicians belong to the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Branch of the Canadian Forces.

A Vehicle Technician has the following responsibilities:

  • Inspect, repair, overhaul and modify all types of automotive equipment and components
  • Repair, adjust and modify automotive systems
  • Repair, adjust, overhaul and modify powered equipment such as electrical generators and fuel-fired heating devices
  • Use and maintain common and specialized tools, basic garage hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic equipment and oxyacetylene welding equipment
  • Carry out the recovery of all types of vehicles used in the land forces, utilizing standard towing trucks and specialized tracked and wheeled recovery vehicles
  • Drive all types of vehicles ranging from small jeeps to tank transporters
  • Prepare and process maintenance documentation dealing with work orders, individual time cards and parts request forms
  • Perform in land operations, when necessary, fight as infantry


Weapons Technician - Land

Weapons Technicians maintain and repair weapons, weapons systems and ancillary equipment. They are members of the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Branch of the Canadian Forces. They also are responsible for the maintenance and repair of miscellaneous equipment such as scales, hydraulic lifts, locks and security containers, personal flotation devices, rebreathers, and equipment for heating, cooking and lighting in the field.


Weapons Technicians are primarily responsible for the maintenance and repair of the following equipment:

  • Rifles, submachine-guns and handguns
  • Machine-guns and non guided anti-tank weapons
  • Sub-calibre adapters
  • Training devices, including simulators
  • Grenade projectors, mortars and launcher systems
  • Light weapons and turret systems for armoured fighting vehicles

Note that 41 Service Battalion does not have any Weapons Technician - Land positions available at this time.



Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Officer


Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Officers maintain and support all Army equipment, and the land-based equipment of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force. They are commissioned members of the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Branch of the Canadian Forces.


Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Officers lead the soldier technicians who keep equipment in top condition and work in every equipment life-cycle phase, from design, evaluation and acquisition through in-service support to eventual disposal. Their duties involve leading staff and providing specialized engineering knowledge. They lead a team of highly skilled technicians of the Vehicle, Weapon, Electronic-Optronic and Materials occupations.

Logistics Officer

Logistics Officers provide the various means of transportation, equipment, and supplies for the movement of Canadian Forces members and all types and sizes of cargo throughout the world.

The responsibilities of a Logistics Officers include:

  • Procurement
  • Warehousing items and material control
  • Distribution and disposal of military material, equipment, and ammunition
  • Coordination of food services, postal services, human resource or financial services