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The history of 41 Service Battalion begins with the formation of No. 14 Company, Canadian Army Service Corps (CASC) in Calgary on April 1, 1910.  In Edmonton, No. 22 Company, Canadian Army Service Corps (CASC) was formed in 1922.  The Battalions lineage is complicated by the move from a horse based military in 1910 to the modern automated force of today.  This has caused the formation of new Corps such as the Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers (RCEME) to maintain the complex equipment as well as it has seen the amalgamation of other Corps such as the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps and Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps under the combined Logistics title. 

Through these changes, the Battalion has served in communities across the Province in peacetime as well as in almost every conflict including the First World War, the Second World War, Peacekeeping and the conflict in Afghanistan.  The largest change to the organization was the formation of the experimental Service Battalion concept in the mid-1960s which saw various Corps being brought together in one organization including the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (RCASC), the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps (RCOC), the Royal Canadian Pay Corps, the Royal Canadian Postal Corps and the Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers (RCEME).

The unification of the Canadian Armed Forces brought greater change with the merging of the RCASC and RCOC under the Logistics Branch.  No matter the construct of the Battalion, the goal has always been to provide Combat Service Support to the units that it is tasked with sustaining during war, peace and during domestic emergencies. The motto, “The Lifeblood in Battle”, signifies the objective of the soldiers of the Battalion at all times.

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