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41 Service





The 41 Service Battalion Association is made up of former serving members and family of 14 (Calgary), 15 (Edmonton) and 41 Service Battalions.  It also includes a few members who served in the antecedent units of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps and Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps prior to the formation of the Service Battalions. 


The goals of the Association are to connect the former serving members with the modern-day Battalion.  Battalion Association members are invited to social events like stand-down BBQ/Family Day or Mess events that are scheduled throughout the year and are encouraged to take part in volunteer opportunities with the Battalion Society or initiatives that the Battalion undertakes such as Spin4Vets.  As well, regular e-newsletters are sent out to inform members of what is happening within the Battalion family.


The Association also works to connect former serving members with information regarding services available to veterans through Veterans Affairs Canada and other organizations.


There is no cost to becoming a member and you should simply sign-up for the 41 Service Battalion Association Newsletter.

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