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We are a part-time component of the Canadian Army which is trained to augment the Regular Army (full-time) and aid civilian authorities during crisis or emergency situations (floods, ice storms, forest fires, etc.). Even though we are part-time, we have many full-time employment opportunities available, especially during the summer.

Pay and Benefits

Reservists are paid a half day and a full day rate. Rates increase after some summer courses are completed, you are promoted and as you gain experience in each Rank.  During periods of full-time employment, reservists are paid full day rates, seven days a week while earning 2 days paid vacation per month.

Training and Advancement

Regular training is from September to May on Wednesday evenings, one Saturday a month and one weekend a month.  In addition, there are part-time and full-time training and employment opportunities during the summer months and throughout the year.


We are actively seeking candidates for full-time summer employment followed by part-time employment during the school year.

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