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To apply follow the steps below:

Capture 1.PNG

Step 1

Go to and select your language.


Step 2

Click on the Jobs tab


Step 3

Click on the Canadian Armed Forces Jobs headline.


Step 4

Click on Apply Now 


Step 5

Click on Continue to GCKey 


Step 6

Click on Sign up to Sign In

Online Appllication Screenshot 1 r1.png

Step 7

Specific Steps to Apply to 41 Service Battalion

At the page shown below, be sure to:

1.    Select "Reserve Force" when prompted for your Component of Interest 

2.    Select "Primary Reserve" when prompted for a sub-component

3.    Select "41 Service Battalion" from the drop-down list of Reserve Units

Online Appllication Screenshot 2 r1.png

Step 8

Select "Canadian Army" when prompted for your Occupational Environment of Interest

Online Appllication Screenshot 4 r1.png

Step 9

Important points about the final screen depicted below:


1.    Make sure you have resolved any validation errors that were detected.  The page should report "no errors were found" as indicated in the red balloon above.


2.    If you are finished and you want to apply click the "I Agree" button.


3.    If you want to save your application so that you can resume later click the "Save and Logout" button.  Saved applications can be accessed later but these will be deleted if there is no activity for 90 days.


4.    If you click "Cancel", close your browser, or leave the application inactive for 20 minutes the online application session will terminate and unsaved data will be lost.


5.    Remember, unless you click the "I Agree" button to submit your application you have not applied and nobody will contact you to follow up.


6.    If you have applied to 41 Service Battalion and you have not received an email from a recruiter within two weeks asking you to gather your documents for verification then please contact us.

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